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Our work


Brath is an award-winning butcher, cook, BBQ expert. One of the best in Germany. He is also well-known for his premium meat products.


Zadi is a complex web application built for experienced sister companies Alarm systems and SAT-TRAKT that manages their whole work process and makes everything run smoothly.


SUSMAPGPRO, a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program stands for Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing, and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in a European Circular Economy.

Carbon Champagne

Carbon Champagne is a French brand that represents one of the most outstanding and luxurious champagnes in the world, known primarily from Formula 1 showers at the podium celebrations.


Movinito is a project of a well-known shipping company based in Germany, which offers advanced shipping services to all the customers.


Hungarian National Council (MNT) is a non-profit organization for the Hungarian minority based on the territory of Serbia. They had the idea to digitize Hungarian books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, arts, etc.colect them in one place and make them


Su-Prospect is the most innovative construction company in Subotica

Storm Textil

The company Storm Textil needed a partner for their digital transformation to achieve desired goals.

Pannon RTV

CASE STUDY In the past decade, Pannon RTV is a media house, who have all but forgotten about the need for online presence.