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Magnet recycling

SUSMAGPRO is an EU-wide project and means Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing, and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in the Circular Economy. After the first conversation with the customer, there were clear objectives and requirements.

  • the development of the CI with logo, layout, and styles,
  • creation of the print media: flyer, poster, roll-up,
  • creation and programming of the website as a desktop and mobile version to be optimally visible to all devices.
  • Print of the print media
Susmagpro - case study

Project Background and Description

Rare -Earth magnets play a crucial role in many European industries such as automotive, aerospace renewable energy or e-mobility and constitute an integral part of consumer goods like loudspeakers or headphones. However, EU demand is hardly met by EU production and the market is subject to price volatility and supply risk. On top of that, the mining of rare-earth elements (REE) causes significant environmental damage. And demand is rising!To address these challenges, SUSMAPGPRO, a project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program, aims to demonstrate the Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing, and Reuse of Rare-Earth Magnets in a European Circular Economy.


The Challenge

An appealing design had to be created that fully took up the project's requirements and anticipated it to suit all stakeholders. The challenge was to clearly show the invisible magnetic fields and to achieve recognition. 
The challenge for the website was the ease of use, at the same time displaying as much information as possible. From the different project partners to the different facets of the project. Everything should be understandable and easy for the interested user to fly straight away.

Susmagpro - case study

Process and Solution

During the course of the project, there were many demands that would exceed the time frame and resources. It was, therefore, our task to provide the customer with the best solution for the requirements. Communication was a particularly important aspect, as this is a challenge for so many stakeholders.

After the first meeting, the demands of our customers were clear, there were hardly any limits for the implementation. The focus was to create a finished CI for the project as quickly as possible in order to supply all project partners with it. At the same time, the development of the website should begin in order to offer interested parties the first stop for information about the project.

It was thanks to the experienced project managers from Steinbeis and Studio Present that the implementation went so quickly.

The changes were implemented quickly and satisfactorily and so the first result was a finished CI, flyer, poster, roll-ups, and homepage.

In the following step, Studio Present's task was to implement the website functions in the background.

Website dev process and insights

The website requirements were comprehensive. The task of Studio Present was to bring your knowledge and know-how into consultancy through many years of experience. The project had to be structured in a meaningful way in order to deliver results as quickly as possible

Susmagpro - case study
Susmagpro - case study


  • Within a few weeks, a complete CI
  • design, creation, and printing of flyers and roll-ups for all 19 project partner
  • websites