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Omega Freight LLC

Omega Freight LLC is a US-based trucking company founded in 2011. 

Omega - Case study, portfolio - Studio Present

What we did for Omega Freight is a clear, modern, and flat website strongly focused on functionality. Our goal was to improve the application process of new drivers and to make an easy customer application form integrated into the website since they used external software.

Business goals


  1. Improve the process of application of new drivers
  2. Mobile version with a focus on usability for drivers and customers
  3. Integrate all necessary Lead forms into the website - exclude external software 
The challange

The main challenge was how to simplify the lead forms and integrate them into the website. 

  1. Custom contact forms 
  2. Mobile-first design 
  3. Color palette optimized for best UX 


Omega Freight LLC website is developed with an emphasis on UX for both drivers and potential customers. Our goal was to exclude all the third-party services that client used so far and to create an all in one solution. 

Secure transportation company

Omega -Case Study- Studio Present