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Hedera Vita

Hedera Vita is a company for the production of natural and organic cosmetics, based in Serbia, with wide and significant experience in skincare.

Case Study - Hedera

The new website for Hedera Vita had to present a true quality of products, and tell the story of Hedera brand creation in addition to a quality webshop

Business goals
  1. Create a modern website that tells a true story about Hedera
  2. A website that is easily manageable by the client
  3. Make online shopping easier
  4. Implement option for paying with credit card 
  5. Create a product page with detailed descriptions of each product
  6. Include a Blog and Press and Media section into a website
The challenge

A new website had to present Hedera products in the right way, point out the importance of anti-allergenic and ecological cosmetic lines, followed by a meaningful story of Hedera Vita’s beginnings. Also, we had to create a webshop and a website in one solution and make it extra functional and effective. 

  1. Website built in Drupal 8
  2. Quality eCommerce built in Drupal
  3. A new module for paying with a credit card 
  4. Improved product search
  5. Blog section added - questions for a dermatologist and his advice
  6. Different levels of administration for different roles
  7. Content editor module added 
Case Study - Hedera


A special palette of colors that suit the Hedera Vita logo was created to get the most out of the website. Besides a beautifully designed website, the webshop was implemented to get all in one solution. It had to be of high quality just as the Hedera products themselves.