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ESCOM is a startup platform for online competitive gamers.

Escom - Case study, portfolio - Studio Present

ESCOM is an online gaming platform for all kinds of gamers with a custom-developed ranking system that combines multiple attributes in order to create a unique success score. Behind this ranking system is interesting mathematical logic.

Business goals


  1. Create a platform that will use a fair ranking algorithm
  2. Help beginners to get more exposure and to be drafted by a large well-known teams
  3. Become a leader in Europe in gaming platforms for competitive games
The challenge

The biggest challenge was to bring the idea to a stage where we will be able to clearly and properly understand and realize all the functionalities and capabilities of the ranking system as well as the way the ESCOM system operates. 

  1. Easy to use interface on mobile devices
  2. Design completely adapted to the gaming industry
  3. Mobile-first approach 
  4. Drupal 8 backend
  5. Integrated blog feed with the latest industry news
  6. Leaderboard for every single game available on the platform


We developed a website that is extremely easy to use, so every player is focused on what they want the most - to play. Colors and typography are chosen so they clearly associate new visitors to gaming.


Unique user experience

Escom - Case study, portfolio - Studio Present

Creating the logo