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Carbon Champagne

Champagne of Bugatti and Formula1

Carbon Champagne is a French brand and describes one of the most outstanding and luxurious champagnes in the world. Known primarily from Formula 1 showers at the podium celebrations.

Studio Present - Carbon Champagne - case study
Studio Present - Carbon Champagne - case study


We started the collaboration with M1-Weine, the official importer of Carbon Germany. The specialty of Carbon Champagne is, that the bottles are made from carbon. That makes it one of the finest champagnes on the market. 

The client asked us to create a new responsive website for the German market, to use our creativity craft cool graphic design for print media, for roll-ups and other offline print materials. And to help with social media marketing strategy.

The Challenge

The wish of the client was to make the Carbon brand known in Germany. The challenge was to bring carbon into the general consciousness alongside Formula 1 and as a Bugatti partner. Therefore, the website was our first goal, so that the basis for presentation and communication should be laid. At the same time, isolated print media should be created for offline events, from price lists and business cards to roll-ups.

The next step should be to make the brand known. For this purpose, a strategy was developed with the marketing team at Studio Present in order to raise awareness of the brand as far as possible. 

Studio Present had to choose the right measures from the numerous options in order to achieve the highest possible success rate. We real on our considerable wealth of experience and have given our customers the best advice.

Studio Present - Carbon Champagne - graphic design
Studio Present - Carbon Champagne - results

Process and Solution

The challenge was to choose the right measures to deliver the most meaningful results possible. The measures were decisive for success, especially for marketing. The strategy was quickly found for this. An initially broad measure should reach as many people as possible with certain interests. After a few weeks, we switched the strategy to a more individual user group in order to increase sales locally and via the website. At the same time, partners should be found who could support the goal. 

Website dev process and insights

The website was further adapted due to the increasing marketing measures. Price buttons, price lists, and news have been added to give the site more information for users. Up to now, further adjustments have been made to the website in order to add more functions to the user.

  • Website in a tailor-made design and optimized for all mobile devices (tablets, cell phones)
  • Marketing Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Events, Direct Marketing)
  • Print media: roll-ups, price lists, business cards
  • Design: logos, layouts, etc.