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Our Offices

Combining the best possible environment for our employees, a healthy atmosphere, and mutual respect
will bring you as a client quality product and reliable team.

Diversity means quality

Placed in three different countries, Germany, Hungary, and Serbia, Studio Present tends to collect as much information as possible, take the most important and quality ones and combine them into an effective system that works.


Eco and work-friendly

The main goal was to create offices where everybody would enjoy working and spending their time. We wanted our work time to be inspirational and relaxing, so we created a comfortable and positive environment for all of us. We strongly support environment protection and active life, so we provide fully equipped bathrooms with showers and a specialized parking place for bicycles. A smart building system certainly makes our offices one of the most unique and modern working spaces. This is just another way of taking care of our team and the environment, at the same time. 

New office opening party

A place where we enjoy together

Besides work, there is always time for a cup of coffee, time to relax or have a nice meal, while chatting with your colleagues. Offices have a cozy area for every occasion. Summertime sounds even better because of the terrace and magical lake for relaxing, even a playground for the youngest. We are proud of what we created, but even more happy that we did all this together, as a strong team.