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Data Protection

Privacy policy

We created this document in order to you better understand which data about you we collect while you are using our website. Also, this document will explain to you how we use your data and what your choices are. Therefore we kindly ask you to read the following.

1. Some key terms

  • Personal data – means data referring to private persons who can be identified
  • User – means our website visitor.
  • Client – a person who uses our services.
  • Usage data – means data the user enables us to use for the purposes of user experience improvement by clearly accepting them.
  • Cookies – mean small data sets which are kept in the user’s web browser while browsing the website.

2. About us

This website is the property of Studio Present LLC, web design agency, seated in the Trg Slobode 2, 24 000 Subotica, Serbia.

  • Studio Present LLC is a privately held company registered in the Republic of Serbia:

3. Our use of data

  • On the basis of GDPR, every website visitor can make a choice: to accept or decline the collection of their personal data by the website.
  • Studio Present collects and processes only the necessary data about users who have accepted and given consent to such data processing, with a clearly stated purpose, in accordance with the procedures governed by legislation.

4. What we know about you

  • We collect usage data from your computer or general information about your visit. We cannot identify you personally unless you willingly give us your personal data.
  • We use Google Analytics (GA) to count the number of users who visit our website and to understand their needs better so as to improve user experience (UX).
  • We do not know your email address unless you send it to us via email or contact forms

5. Third party data processing

We collaborate with these third-party data processors

Google (Privacy policy)

MiniCrm (Privacy policy)

Facebook (Privacy policy)

6. Amendments to this privacy policy

  • Studio Present can amend this Privacy Policy as needed.
  • Studio Present keeps the right to change this Privacy Policy when necessary, in order to align and act in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations.
  • If we implement some changes, we will not explicitly inform our clients or website users. Instead, we recommend you to visit this page occasionally to stay informed about the changes to this Policy.

7. What are cookies?

  • Cookies are small sets of simple files that are stored within a web browser while the user is browsing a website.
  • A computer cookie is formally known as an HTTP cookie, a web cookie, internet cookie or a browser cookie. No matter the name, computer cookies actually contain information. When you visit a web location, it sends a cookie to your computer or mobile device. The device caches the information in a file that is stored on your web browser

8. Managing cookies using your browser

You can find more about using your browser’s cookie settings either via the help menu for your browser or on the browser’s own website. Cookies can also be deleted by using your internet browser, but you must disallow them otherwise they will be reapplied the next time you visit a website.

9. How we use cookies

We use website analytics and performance cookies.

  • We only use cookies necessary for tracking users’ visit to our website and internal pages. This refers to analytical cookies / performance cookies, and the whole process is done anonymously, so we cannot discover the identity of our website user, by any means.

We use cookies to target an audience.

  • These cookies are connected with Facebook Pixel and used for a more precise targeting of an audience during Facebook ad placement.

10. How to contact us

  • If you have other questions or concerns about these privacy and cookies policy, please send us an email at