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Company culture

Respect everyone and everyone will respect you

We treat each other with dignity and respect, in every aspect of work. Everyone has the possibility to say what they think or how they feel and their opinion will be highly appreciated. By being honest and open-minded with one another we nurture a stimulating and positive atmosphere every day.

Studio Present
Make the most of your time

Flexible work hours are everyone’s chance to use their time wisely and efficiently.
We are also flexible in planning our vacation time, but it’s important we do it together as a team so that everyone has a chance to visit their favorite place exactly when they want.

Studio Present
Mix it up

We encourage everyone to bring fresh views into a project. Change your routine and work with colleagues in their field of expertise, on different tasks. That way the quality of our work grows, and there’s always an opportunity to learn something new. 

Time for a break

Start your day with a cup of hot coffee, regain your energy by eating an apple or an orange. Agency takes care of team members and provides coffee and other beverages, fresh fruit and You can mix up your own breakfast or lunch and eat it in our fully equipped kitchen. We celebrate our birthdays together, have a chill time on a Friday, and cook meals together from time to time. It’s important to have time to relax, and it’s even more fun if we do it together. 

Making a stronger bounds

Every year we choose a few different locations for our team to travel, enjoy and make their connections stronger. From time to time we come across some new challenges we need to overcome together. There’s no better way to practice, than an exciting team building, far away from computers and work tasks.