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When you realize that you are stupid

Lets the story shorten and go back to 2008. That time I was a student of SZTE in Szeged, Hungary. I needed a couple of credit points for that year, and searching for a course when I found a course named: Web development and something strange word “Drupal”.

Lucky me, I clicked to accept the course and voila 9 years later there is our company Studio Present, a Drupal dev company.

But go back for this stupidity thing. In 2008 there was a DrupalCon in Szeged. My course professor Kristof van Tomme from Pronovix, told every time that this is a very big thing and we students will have a special price and he advice to go, because it will be awesome.

And I was there, and it was awesome, but after that I had 2 more years to study, after I come back to Serbia and started a company and we started to work with Drupal, but we had no contact with any other company who works in Drupal, we do not attend on a single camp or any other event. But the most stupid thing that all our custom modules what was written in 5 years remained unknown because we even not do contrib.

And then when we started to grow and to have more serious projects, we started first to manage our company profile on, then we found out about a year ago that there is a Drupal Association and we could become organization member, from this year I hope that we will switch to supporting partner.

May be more important in our Drupal community life was the Drupal Iron camp in Prague.  That was changed almost everything. Especially combined with a CxO day it was a big plus for us, because we literally do not know a single Drupalist on a camp.

We actually do networking and get in touch with Drupal people, Drupal companies, and shared words about Drupal, and some common problems and after of course a few beers too.

The Iron Camp was a great experience thanks for it.

Right after on our way to home, we already created a long to-do list about our next steps both in a company and community life too. It was 7 months ago, but, here are some changes, we activated ourselves in Drupal Serbia association, started some serious contribution (15 modules, themes, distributions). Special one is a Druppio small business distribution ( which is more and more popular. We are in a touch with couple of Drupal individuals and companies, and already realized a few projects.

We are still rookies in Drupal community, but I wanted to share our way from nothing to something.


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