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Web Design Crash Course

Update: 02.11.2021. Application is closed, thanks to everyone for applying. All the candidates will be notified by email about the next steps.


If you are already involved in the design or are currently studying it, and in both cases you want to further master it, with the Studio Present Web Design Crash course you will learn something new.

You will use techniques that you have not used before and with that knowledge you will be able to raise your work and product to a higher level.

The goal of the course is, first of all, to expand your horizons.

In the course, we summarize all the materials that we collected for 5-6 years, which you will pass in 2 months by coming once a week to a 2.5-hour lecture (from 16 to 18:30) in our offices at Somborski put 33A in Subotica.

The first class of the course will be held on Thursday, November 4.

These are some of the topics we will talk about and support with practical examples:

- color theory
- typography
- user-centered design
- CX
- mobile web and app design
- e-commerce design
- Figma
- HTML/CSS Frameworks

In addition, we will recommend many more articles, videos and useful links with which you will be able to further improve your knowledge.

Perge dizajnira

Lectures will not only be theoretical, but you will apply the lessons learned in group or individual practical projects.

The emphasis is on web design, but we want to teach you to admire all spheres of design: industrial, product, art, applied…, but also nature, animals, architecture…

We also want you to enrich these lectures with your previous experience and make them interactive, by sharing your knowledge with other students and lecturers.

Predavači: Perge, MIloš i Aca
Lecturers: Perge, Miloš and Aca

If you are attending this course, it is necessary to bring your laptop and give a deposit of 100 EUR, which we will return to you after the lectures. If you do not attend the lectures until the end, we will give the money for humanitarian purposes. You will, of course, be entitled to several justified absences.

When you finish the course and if you wish, you will receive feedback from the lecturers about your successes during the course. Also, maybe we will talk about possible opportunities for future cooperation and joint projects.

If you think this course may be useful to you, sign up until Monday, November 1, by filling out the survey at this link and keep in mind that the number of participants is limited.



Miloš Ćuković

Miloš 821x500

Miloš spent part of his business career as a web designer when he especially focused on the usability and practicality of solutions, communication and user experience. Now he wants to share his knowledge about designing websites and applications with you.

Miloš says that he "lives design" and admires all its spheres (web, industrial, mechanical), but also nature, sports, travel...


Nagy Perge László

Perge 821x500

Perge is a senior designer with 6 years of experience in web design, and 20 years of experience in various areas of graphic design during which he worked on the design of small and large format printed material, industrial design, design for marketing campaigns, illustrations, architectural projects...


Aleksandar Boros Gyevi

Aca 821x500

Aca has a formal education in graphic design and over 10 years of experience in web design, UX and UI, during which he has participated in the development of over 300 applications and websites.

Complex web stores are his specialty, and lately also mobile applications.