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Studio Present Won a Clutch award

Clutch Names Studio Present as 2021’s Top B2B companies in Western Europe

We’ve got great news to share!
Studio Present has been named by Clutch as 2021’s Top B2B companies in Western Europe. 

Clutch is globally-recognized online reviews and rating platform, that uses a unique verification process. This process is based on legit information and honest clients' thoughts about companies. 

Every year Clutch names the top companies, and we are more than happy to announce that our company made it to the list of best companies. Read a full press release from Clutch.  

Studio Present awarded by Clutch

"The winners represent the highest-ranking companies in each country across a variety of service lines. Clutch uses a set selection methodology to select Leader Award winners. The team looks into a company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver, including their reviews on Clutch. Despite the wide range of countries featured in this cycle, all of the winners represent leaders in their respected fields, explained Clutch Customer Experience Associate Jake Cox. These companies were selected not only for their exceptional service but for their creativity and technical prowess."

As our goal for 2020. was to anchor our position in the German market, this reward means a lot to us because this is a true recognition that our effort is paying off. The opinion of our clients is truly important to us and is the best reward one company can get. 

We plan to expand our work for the German market even more in 2021.and it is nice to know we are doing it the right way.