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Studio Present as a support to the students

It is a great pleasure to say, that we finished a slightly different project, but for us, one of the most important. We are more than happy that we got the opportunity to renovate one of the laboratories at Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences (VTŠ). We gave the old classroom a fresh, modern look, provided new furniture and lighting, electrical and network installations so that students could work on their projects in the best possible conditions. In addition to technical improvements, we tried to bring our positive energy into the room itself so that students would feel comfortable in the new laboratory every day.



Knowing how many challenges students face today, we felt a sincere need, but also a responsibility to do something nice for VTŠ students and provide them with the most pleasant atmosphere for learning and work. The new lab is just one way to give them our support and show understanding. Students are the future of our city and we wanted to motivate them, but also encourage them to think about a promising future in Subotica. To inspire them to seek their happiness in the local IT community.

In the past few years, some of the VTŠ students have had the opportunity to be our scholarship holders. We wanted students to know how much we appreciate their work and reward them. In addition to receiving scholarships, students have the opportunity to learn and improve through practice and work in our Agency and together with our team overcome the challenges of working on various projects. We are proud to say that today, those scholarship students are part of our team, as full-time employees of our Agency. It is precisely these details that fulfill us and why we want to share our satisfaction and positive energy and spread it where it will be sincerely valued, but also where it is mostly needed.

What we are extremely pleased about is that VTŠ has recognized and encouraged our desire to do more good for students. Our successful cooperation has lasted for years and we are grateful to the VTŠ management and professors for the great teamwork because that is the only way we can do the best for the students. All this would not be possible without honest and open communication, but also quality relations that we nurture with the VTŠ staff.

Many of us from Studio Present used to be part of VTŠ, and this is exactly why we wanted to give back to the community and show that we recognize the effort and hard work. It is truly nice feeling to get the opportunity to repay the community in different ways and make happy the ones that deserve the most. We arranged the Studio Present laboratory according to world standards and we really tried to make it unique, but above all we wanted every student to have the opportunity to feel the spirit of our Agency and to convey to him the feeling of comfort and satisfaction that we nurture every day in Studio Present.


Week by week, the work progressed, until Studio Present Laboratory finally came to life!