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DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019

One month after the DrupalCamp Pannonia is over, all I can say as one of the core organizers I am very glad to see happy faces leaving and thanking us on a great camp. It brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart full.

This year's camp was in summer, everybody was chilled, relaxed and very friendly as always, that is one of the reasons why I love the Drupal community.

We had a woman speaker for the first time ever! That made me happy, my honest opinion is that we need more women to contribute to the Drupal community.

DrupalCamp Pannonia 2019 was more difficult to organize than the previous one. We had so much more on our plate, and of course, we wanted to be better than last year. And I can only say we did it. We had new speakers and sessions, a great place for hanging out and relaxing, and a great place for a party at Palić lakeshore.

I have met so many new people this year, everybody was very kind, nice and happy to share everything they know, and of course very happy to see some people from last year's camp. I had my first interview with Reka from Petend, we had a great talk together like non-dev girls. 

You can find our interview here:

This is what DrupalCamp is all about - communication, talking, relaxing and hanging out.

There is only one task left and that is to make the next one even better. I can't wait to do it, we already have new ideas for improvement and new surprises.

See you all next fall Drupalers!