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Clear and fast communication is the first prerequisite for transforming a good idea into a good product. It is also a great thing to work together with those who understand what you want, and who will professionally and efficiently lead you to your goals!

They have it all - commercialization, commitment and expertise!

For a real job a real partner is necessary, and we have definitely found it in Studio Present!

I had a positive experience with the Studio Present people who understood my ideas, gave technical and design solutions, and converted them into a functional and clear website that has many visitors.

When I first met them it was clear to me that the company employs young people who have their own fields of expertise, and I knew that I was in the right place where I could realise my ideas.

A year and a half passed and the website still functions well. Whenever a new idea is born that requires changes and supplements, they are open to make suggestions and improvements. If advancements push the website towards expansion, the Studio Present people will make a new website without any difficulties, as they have successfully done their work before.

We have worked on some projects with the Studio Present team and we are really satisfied with their services. They are hardworking people, who pay high attention to deadlines, and show maximal professionalism and knowledge in their work.

I am glad that we have a team of programmers and designers in Subotica who can make world-class websites. This team of young experts is more than happy to advise you if you have dilemmas about the functionality of your website, design, or if you would like to be ranked better in the Hit View. The price and quality they offer matches the needs of those who are thinking about having quality online presence that attracts users who are more and more sensitive, and harder to reach. It is a challenge to keep them interested.

It is enough to say that they are a brilliant team! Their professionalism, promptness and efficiency came as a positive surprise for us. It is a pleasure to work with them because for these guys there are no limits, nor impossible projects. Finally, we have found a real agency able to fulfil all our demands.

Bojan, I would like to thank your team and especially to you, for brilliantly meeting all demands when you joined the project.

We couldn’t start with a simple “What we can say about Studio Present is....” - it just wouldn’t be “us”. So simply put: every day we realize how pleased we are to be working with this team! For all of you who are still considering Studio Present: stop considering and engage in this story that will guarantee you a happy ending!

The team is well-coordinated, its members are young, ambitious, and most importantly they know the tools they use and develop. That is our future!

The only words we have to say to the whole Studio Present team are thank you.
They have respected our demands and in a short time of notice made quality end product - webshop for toys and seasonal goods.
We highly recommend them for everyone.

Besides establishing a corporate website the goal was to make it look professional, serious and trustworthy, in addition, taking into account its medicine-related activities, not to be sterile and to have a unique design. Before the final decision was made, the company carried out conversations with different agencies, but Studio Present was contacted based on a recommendation.

Studio Present was selected right after the first conversation. The whole team is young, extremely professional, accurate, considerate, and has wonderful ideas. The activities of my company are not well-known in my home country, but Milos, the designer, understood it right from the start, and even his first design proposal fulfilled all requirements and regulations. Cooperation and communication was problem free the whole time. The agency’s team is always available and quickly responds to clients’ demands. After the site has been finished, I decided to trust the team with internet marketing as well, and I am satisfied with their work.

I recommend Studio Present for everyone who wants the whole package of services in one place, a creative, modern and professional team, and reasonable prices.

I have learnt about Studio Present via the Internet when I was looking for a company that works in Drupal (definitely a rare one). The work was done remotely, we have never met, but trust and a unique friendly relationship were built while we were working together.
From the beginning demands were defined, changes were realised and problems solved in the meantime, besides all these we were always provided with professional service. Even the first attempts for finding solutions for the demands were excellent. Work is done in line with the agreement and with the dates in mind, what was very important for me personally. They quickly responded to our demands even at weekends.
I feel free to say that if you want fast and quality service with a competitive price, you are at the right place.

The Studio Present team is simply professional.

I would like to thank the whole Studio Present team for “taking” me through our webshop project and treating me in a very professional way and to the best of their knowledge.

Never have I ever experienced such a positive business attitude when working with firms in my country, I would like to recommend them to everyone who want to take part in a project but are afraid to do so. Thank you!

I recommend the Studio Present team to everyone because they are professionals with a lot of creative ideas. When working on the site, I had the chance to talk to an expert directly which was very important as we made a website together that adequately presents my activities.

Our site www.sunedeljnik.rs was made by Studio Present two years ago.

The site was done professionally and with respect to quality that can be easily seen when you open our site. I am really satisfied with the ranking of our site on the main search engine for this region - in Google!

In a competitive field such as the energetics branch of economy, agility and quick response to challanges are as neccessary as responding to market demands. In the ever changing environment that effects particularly the IT sector, a partner on your side who is always there for you and takes all the challenges is essential. We are satisfied with the IT services provided by Studio Present, and hope that we will cooperate in the long run.

We have learnt about STUDIO PRESENT through a search engine when we were looking for a team with which ideas of our tradition can be easily discussed and realised with respect to today’s trends. Although, the theme is inherent, we managed to build the basis of the site, and provide our visitors with necessary information.

The site has a large target group: the elderly, primarily with the city and the municipality of Subotica in focus, but the whole region is informed about the religious-cultural-historical field. We knew what we wanted, Studio Present knew how to make it happen!

After finishing the FB application the Studio Present company exceeded all our expectations and made a giveaway (PUZZLE) with its own design, and has done more than we expected. Promptness, efficiency, professionalism and accuracy perfectly describe our experience with this cooperation. We are happy to recommend this company based on our positive experience.

Real team players with a lot of good and useful ideas who made us an outstanding web site that is in line with current trends and is easy to use. They are always there to help and answer questions no matter what.

Needless to say that they are a professional team, and we will work a lot together in the upcoming years as well!