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About us

Studio Present is an digital agency that has successfully operated for 10 years both in national and international markets.

We have made more than 500 websites, takes part in numerous projects, satisfied clients, brought them success, and received great testimonials.

Studio Present consists of 4 related sectors that make up a real team.

Development team

drupal associationThe development team consists of programmers - who are experts in their field, that is web development with Drupal.

These guys will make a website of your dreams. Complex applications, advanced functions, and integrations with external systems do not pose a problem for them.

As a long-term members of the Drupal community, the team has contributed to the development of numerous modules, and Studio Present has become an officially acknowledged company.

If it looks like that everything is finished and functioning well, it is time for our frontend developers to get involved and implement everything that our designers have in their minds with respect to your needs.

Design team

The design team is made up of extremely talented people, who are capable of reading clients’ minds and bringing your ideas to perfection. Not only will you be pleased with their design but also you will love it.

Marketing team

Google AdWords partnerWhen the website is finished it does not mean that the work is done. Our team is always there to help its users, whether it is about the functionality of the website or the creation of a successful online business strategy. The marketing team helps you to achieve better online performance.

Discussions help us find the best possible methods for you and for advertising your business. The members of our marketing team are experts who deal with accounting and broadcasting on social network, they are PR specialists. Moreover, Studio Present is an official Google Adwords partner.

Please visit official marketing site at:

Sales team

The sales team is the evidence that we understand your demands. We build our own brands - webshops which are market leaders of their own branch on the Serbian market. Our webshops best express that we can create websites and come up with marketing strategies that facilitate sales and generates profit.

The development and testing of the goods and services is our task and responsibility.

Please have a look at our portfolio.

Platforms and services we can provide

Corporate websites Drupal application development
Community websites Drupal web development
Ecommerce Drupal integration
Blogs and forums Drupal customization
Social networking sites Drupal CMS development
Resource directions Drupal module development
Event management Drupal website maintenance
Real estate Drupal enhancements
Healthcare Service description
Intranet specific Multilingual sites